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My Story – 2016

When I started this journey back in early 2016, and thought of the name ‘The Travelling Freelancer’, I wasn’t really sure yet what I wanted to do with it, but I knew I had a story to share. This is the original story from the very first The Travelling Freelancer website.

My Story

Everyone has a story to tell, one that has led you to wherever you are right here, right now. I’m happy to share my story with you, as it explains why I started ‘The Travelling Freelancer’.​

My childhood wasn’t exactly amazing. This is something I refused to admit for a long time; after all, I lived in a nice house in a good neighbourhood, went to a decent school. I didn’t have the right to complain, or so I thought.

I still don’t like complaining, but now that I’m an adult I am able to admit that, although I had a roof over my head and food on the table, my youth wasn’t as it should be. However, because of my circumstances I realised something early on and it’s something which stuck with me whenever I was facing a difficult decision: ‘The only thing that matters is being truly happy.’ It’s something I try to live by every day.

I left my childhood behind me and finished university with a bachelor’s degree, had a highly sought-after job at a communications agency which allowed me to travel quite a bit, had the absolutely perfect boyfriend, lived in an amazing house in a very respected area and the inside looked like a luxurious hotel. We went to fancy restaurants almost every week and again, it didn’t seem like I had any reason to complain. However, I still wasn’t happy.

The job seemed to be a dream job on paper and it paid really well, too. Unfortunately, the employer had a soul crushing way of communicating. Quite ironic for a communications agency. So, I left. I quickly found a job as a waitress around the corner from my house which allowed me some time to figure out what it was I wanted to do. It didn’t make things easier, because soon I realised I wasn’t really living my own life. My boyfriend’s life was amazing, with the big house and the fancy restaurants, but it wasn’t my life. I missed motorbike riding. I missed traveling, which I had done a lot during and right after my studies. And most of all, I realised I really did want to move to Spain. This is something which had been on my mind for years, but I gave up that dream to be with him. You should never give up on your true dreams.

It got painful, because now I had to choose between the man I loved and the security of my life with him, and my own dreams which offered absolutely no guarantees at all. Would I ever find a guy who is as amazing as this man? Would I be able to make enough money to be independent? And then, would I be able to make it to Spain and settle there all on my own? ‘The only thing that matters is being truly happy.’ I wasn’t, and I wouldn’t truly be if I stayed, so I left.

The Story Continues…

March 27, 2016. We’re now two months down the road from when I finally made that decision. I found a cute apartment just out of town. It’s nothing like I was used to, but I felt at home since the moment I moved in. It’s full of second-hand furniture, but it all suits me. I also made my first $1000,00 online and that’s when it hit me: if I can earn a decent income online, then all I have to do is pick up my laptop, take a flight to wherever I’d like to go, open my laptop and continue making a living. My clients don’t care whether I work from a rooftop terrace in Barcelona, beach club at Bali or swimming pool at the Maldives. It will allow me to do what I love (because yes, I do love the work I’m doing now) at places I want to be most. Will you join me on my journey to reach that goal?

I’d love to hear your story, too, so please share it with me via one of the social networks or via email.

We’ll be in touch!

Thalassa a.k.a. The Travelling Freelancer

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