Interview: How To Start Freelancing?

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me, because I was live interviewed in a huge Facebook group. This Facebook group, the Digital Nomad Girl Community has currently close to 16,000 members and is very active and engaged, so you can understand this was a big deal for me. 

Not only was it a big deal because of the number of members, but maybe even more because I have been a member of that group since my early digital nomad days. I have gotten so much support and help from the community over time, that it felt like an honour to give something back.

The owner of the group, Jennifer Lachs, interviewed me about all the things that matter when you start your freelance career and during the interview, viewers could send in questions that I answered live. The amount of engagement was great to see and the feedback was very positive.

If you’re female, you should definitely join the Digital Nomad Girls group. If not, no worries. You can rewatch the full interview here.

Got any questions left after this? Head over to the Freelance Kickstarter Facebook group and ask them there!

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