How can you upsell to existing clients as a freelancer?

Upselling to Existing Clients

Let’s say you decide you want to make more money. Maybe you lost a client and need to fill that financial gap, or maybe you decided you want to buy something expensive and want to save a bit quicker. One way is, of course, looking for new clients, but have you thought about upselling to existing clients? They already know the quality of your work and your professional attitude, and you already know their company inside and out. 

So can you just sell more services to them? Sure you can! If you do it politely and give them a chance to say ‘no’ without harming the relationship, then you can definitely do it.

The Process Of Upselling To Existing Clients

But how to have that conversation? First of all, explain that you’re looking to take on new work, either because another project has been completed, because you’re becoming more efficient and thus have more time left, or some other reason (keep it professional though – not because your roommate moved out and you’re stressed about bills).

Then you can phrase it something like this: ‘I was thinking of looking for new clients, but before I would do that, I would like to see if maybe I can be of more value to my existing clients. Afterall, I really enjoy working with you and I would like to increase my responsibilities and engagement with your company, if at all possible.’

Since you’ve been working with them for a while already, you should have a gut feeling of what type of services to offer. Perhaps start a blog for them. Perhaps help with creating or sending their newsletters. Perhaps they have another branch that also needs visuals. Things like that. Give some suggestions to them of what more you could do than you’re already doing now.

A Gentle Nudge

It’s basically giving them a gentle nudge, making them aware of all the other skills that you also have. It also shows pro-activeness if you can give some good suggestions on where the company could improve even further with your help, plus, everyone likes to hear that you enjoy working with them and that you’d like to increase that.

So before you step up your acquisition game, give upselling a try!

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